FW: summer / daylight time terminology usage Sydney, AU

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I found ftp://elsie.nci.nih.gov/pub/ via a reference in rfc2445.  The
document within tzdata2003e.tar.gz made for a specially interesting read.

I may be able to add something to the AESD/AEDT/EST/summer/daylight time 

I am from Sydney, NSW, and have lived there all my life.  I distinctly
from when I was growing up (in the 70s), that people (incl. commercial TV 
news/weather)  used to refer to "EST" for Eastern Standard Time and "DST"
Daylight Savings Time.  Weather reports were generally tailored for each 
city/region so the "Eastern" could be inferred.  (This inconsistency
disturbed my 
naturally logical bent, even as a child, which is why I remember it.)
However, the 
phrase "Eastern Summer Time" was also in wide use.  

These days, AEST and AEDT seem to be widespread, possibly an American 

As to the phrase "summer time" versus "daylight time", the locals almost
say "daylight time".  Subjectively, I would say that "daylight savings time"
is the 
most common phrase in use, rather than "summer time" (even though the 
legislation uses "summer time").  

Similarly, when talking about start and end dates, we would say "when does 
daylight savings start?" or "when does daylight saving start?".  Note, not
savings time" but "[the practice of] daylight-saving".  

Darren R. BLANCH                        (SN=Blanch,GN=Darren)
Blacktown, NSW, Australia

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