TAI-based non-POSIX time_t

John Cowan cowan at ccil.org
Wed Apr 14 13:17:24 UTC 2004

Markus Kuhn scripsit:

> Reason 2: Local-time errors affect critical long-term state such as
> file-system timestamps much less, as these tend to be in UTC. (Just
> an hour ago, we discovered a machine that had its default time zone
> set to US East Coast local time instead of London local time. We were
> able to fix that problem on-the-fly without any disruption, as most
> system state remained unaffected. The machine knew UTC accurately
> to within 2 ms all the time.)

Then again, there was my colleague's Windows system, which was still
running on Redmond time instead of New York time.  Unfortunately,
we couldn't fix it, because the thousands of appointments, past and
future, that he had stored in Outlook's calendar would then all be
off by three hours.

Consequently, his email tended to arrive from the future.

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