possible changes in Argentina (southamerica)

Mariano Absatz baby at baby.com.ar
Tue May 18 22:07:34 UTC 2004


Apparently, the Province of Mendoza, in Argentina's Mid-West, is about to 
change it's timezone to UTC-04:00

Most of Argentina lies 'geographically' in that tz, but at some point in 
time, after having implemented UTC-03:00 for the summer, the country 'just 
stayed there'... what's more, a few years ago, for some time, it used a 
summer tz of UTC-02:00.

As Mendoza is one of the Provinces in the Western border, it is most 
affected for using a 'more Eastern' tz, and this is especially bad in the 
(Southern) winter.

As there's an Energy crisis in Argentina, Mendoza is trying to 'wake up an 
hour later'.

It remains to be seen if the Province of Mendoza effectively legislates 
this and what the other Provinces do (especially, the other Provinces in 
the West).

Newspaper info (in Spanish):

I'll keep the list posted as this develops.


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