possible changes in Argentina (southamerica)

Mariano Absatz baby at baby.com.ar
Wed May 19 15:44:23 UTC 2004

El 18 May 2004 a las 20:32, Paul Eggert escribió:

> Thanks for the heads-up and we're looking forward to more details.
> This is the first I've heard of someone proposing to move the clocks
> _back_ to save energy, because too much electricity is being wasted in
> the _morning_!
Well... take into account that the change is being done at the beginning of 
winter... you should regard this as a change in the time zone itself, not 
as a 'daylight savings time' implementation.

Now, possibly, they will implement daylight savings time in the summer, 
moving the clocks forward in September or October...



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