Argentina's timezones blues

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It's somehow hard to find the normative for each Province, but, according 
to the press, in the next days more Provinces will join Mendoza in setting 
the clocks back an hour to UTC-04:00.

San Juan will do it at midnight Sunday 30th (yes, it's the night between 
Sunday and Monday, just don't ask, it gets worse yet) until October 17th.

Tucumán will do it at midnight Monday 31th, and apparently, Chubut, La 
Rioja, Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego would do it also on Monday night. 
Santa Cruz is apparently waiting for a Provincial Congress confirmation 
(the other Provinces are using Governors' Decrees).

San Luis would also change its tz on Monday night according to:

The City of Buenos Aires, as well as the Provinces of Buenos Aires, 
Córdoba, Santa Fe, Entre Ríos and Corrientes confirmed they will NOT change 
the timezone this winter.

The rest of the Provinces are supposed to be analyzing what to do...

FWIW, Argentina consists of 23 Provinces and the Autonomous City of Buenos 

Ciudad de Buenos Aires (4)
Buenos Aires (4)
Chubut (3)
Córdoba (4)
Corrientes (4)
Entre Ríos (4)
La Pampa
La Rioja (3)
Mendoza (1)
Rio Negro
San Juan (2)
San Luis (3)
Santa Cruz (3)
Santa Fe (4)
Santiago del Estero
Tierra del Fuego (3)
Tucumán (3)

(1) Already switched on May 23
(2) Would switch on May 30
(3) Would switch on May 31
(4) Would not switch this year

FWIW, the districts included in (4) account for the most part of the 
population of the countries, including the cities where most corporations 
have their computers installed...

Please... take into account that, except for (1) I'm taking this from the 
newspapers... I'll try to get some authoritative data, but I'm not sure if 
I'll be able...

I'll keep informing you as this think develops...

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