Brazil 2004 DST changes.

Paul Eggert eggert at CS.UCLA.EDU
Tue Oct 5 05:23:40 UTC 2004

Rodrigo Severo <rodrigo.lists at> writes:

> As far as I know there was just one version of the 5223 Decree with
> the contents I got to know today. Where does this info of a changed
> decree came from?

Paulo Alexandre Pinto Pires <p at> reported a version without
the Mato Grosso change, but quite possibly he overlooked that change.

> It's just the biannual change made necessary by the much hyped,
> supposelly modern brazilian eletronic voting machines which,
> apparently, can't deal with a time change between the first and the
> second rounds of the elections.

Ah!  The light dawns.  Thanks.  I see now that in 2002 Celso Doria had
written "maybe, for the next elections, it will be possible to change
the clock" but I guess that improvement hasn't happened.

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