Kyrgyzstan abolishes daylight saving time; tz mailing list problems?

Paul Eggert eggert at CS.UCLA.EDU
Mon Aug 15 21:16:09 UTC 2005

According to an article dated today in the Kyrgyzstan Development Gateway
Kyrgyzstan is canceling the daylight saving time system.  The text of
the article is somewhat ambiguous:

  According to the adopted resolution, the practice of daylight saving
  time is cancelled. Time calculation on the territory of the Kyrgyz
  Republic will be carried out in compliance with the international
  time zone system, with 1-hour advance, what corresponds to the time
  calculation order, which is active from March 27, 2005.

but I take this to mean that they will leave their clocks at 6 hours
ahead of UTC, and will not fall back this autumn.

PS.  I just got back from vacation (with one of the first things to do
to propose a new tz patch for all the accumulated data) and discovered
that I am not receiving email from the tz mailing list.  I haven't
gotten anything for several weeks.  I'll try to retrieve old mail from
tzarchive (currently dated August 9 19:20), but has something happened
to the mailing list recently?

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