How will the US daylight-saving change affect Canada, Mexico, etc.?

Paul Eggert eggert at CS.UCLA.EDU
Thu Aug 18 06:22:33 UTC 2005

Several countries have used the daylight-saving rules as the United States.
These include:

  The Bahamas (since 1976)
  Canada (since 1976)
  Cuba (this year)
  Haiti (this year)
  Mexico (since 2002)
  Turks and Caicos (since 1979)

Now that the US is planning to change its rules, it will be
interesting to see whether other countries follow suit.  In some
cases, the other countries have been using stable DST rules longer
than the US has.

Digital Home Canada reported Monday that Canadians are almost evenly
split on whether to change their DST rules to match the US: 47% say
yes, and 50% say no.  See:

  Canadians Split On Shift to U.S. Daylight Saving Time (2005-08-15)

New Brunswick Premier Bernard Lord said the maritime provinces of
Canada may move to Eastern time.  See:

  Canada's premiers discuss daylight saving change (2005-08-12)

My favorite take on the problem was here:

  Anick Jesdanun
  Daylight-saving switch may cause tech woes (2005-08-08)

Sample quote:

  "Adding to the complications is the fact that many computer programs
  now treat U.S. and Canadian time zones as the same. If Canada doesn't
  adopt the new dates, too, Windows, calendars and other software would
  have to learn additional zones."

Jesdanun also has some amusing quotes on how people in Jerusalem deal
with daylight-saving issues.

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