Indiana counties start to make their time zone preferences known

Paul Eggert eggert at CS.UCLA.EDU
Fri Aug 19 06:46:45 UTC 2005

Indiana counties wanting to change their time zones have until
Sept. 16 to ask the US Dept. of Transportation to hold hearings to
switch time zones.  I thought I'd look to see which way their leaning.
Early returns suggest a preference for Eastern time, as one might
expect.  None of these results are official yet, so this won't yet
affect the tz data, but:

Allen County residents prefer Eastern, 65%-35%.

Wabash Valley viewers prefer Eastern to Central Time, 58%-42%.

Perry County's commissioners opt for Central time, but Dubios
County looks like it may stick with Eastern time.

And, my personal favorite:

Bartholomew County's commissioners have decided that it will join
whatever time zone its northern neighbor Marion County chooses,
regardless of public opinion.

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