New Brunswick switches at 00:01, not 02:00; new Zone needed

Paul Eggert eggert at CS.UCLA.EDU
Wed Dec 21 21:48:38 UTC 2005

I found a copy of New Brunswick's Time Definition Act consolidated to
2005-07-15 <> and it confirms
that New Brunswick switches to and from DST at 00:01 rather than

So we need a new Zone.  I am thinking of using the name
America/Moncton.  Moncton has approximately the same population as
Saint John, but the latter name is uncomfortably close to the
already-existing Zone America/St_Johns.

Page 2 of the above reference says "1965, c.7, s.1; 1973, c.74, s.75;
1993, c.9, s.1; 2005, c.7, s.83."  I assume this refers to dates when
the law changed, which would be useful for tracking down the history
of America/Moncton.  I did track down an older version of the
consolidated document
<> which
makes it clear that they haven't changed the rules since 1993 at
least, but I can't go earlier than that in the database.
For dates before 1993 I'll probably defer to Shanks, unless someone
else can track it down.

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