ISO-8601 3.25 Second, Leap Applications requiring leap seconds

Tue Jan 4 00:52:05 UTC 2005

    *   astrometry  
    *   geophysics  
    *   orbitography  
    *   positionning
_ ( 
Has anyone used them in a commercial  application?

I think I have an efficent method to include leap seconds however, but  don't 
plan to program it until I know there is a need..
Anyone have ideas on how to notfiy the software to include or exclude leap  
Solution for including leaps seconds:
    Convert the year to binary value.
        If the months are the first  quarter of the year  
mutiply  by 4.
If the months  are the second quarter of the year
            Multiply  by 4 and add 1.
        If the third quarter
            Multiply  by 4 and add 2
        If the fourth quarter 
            Multiply  by 4 and add 3
Us the binary result as an index into a table.
    Each postion of the table contains the cumulative  binary leap seconds.
    Add the cumulative leap seconds to the seconds in  the date.
For every year the table will have four entrys per  year. for 03-31, 06:30, 
09-30 12-31 
One bytes allows 256 cumulative seconds.
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