Question about 'tzparse()'

David Lawless lawless at
Tue Aug 1 23:47:52 UTC 2006

Arthur Olson,

Thank you ever so much for you kind help and assistance.
I appreciate it greatly.


David Lawless

At 01:43 PM 7/31/2006 -0400, Olson, Arthur David \(NIH/NCI\) [E] wrote:
>The bad news is that there is indeed a code problem; the good 
>news is that it was only introduced back in February of this 
>year (with the first 64-bit-version release).
>The fix should be to move the zeroing of sp->timecnt; the 
>suggested patch below incorporates both that change and a fix 
>for last week's report on bad goahead/goback logic. (I've chosen 
>the path of minimal change in both cases).

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