Capital of Montserrat

Jesper Norgaard Welen jnorgard at
Sat Feb 25 05:54:39 UTC 2006

Some time ago I investigated what might be the capital of Montserrat
when the former capital Plymouth was abandoned because of heavy volcanic
activity in 1995 and onwards (now it is a bit more quiet). I came to the
conclusion that it was probably Brades, from having several addresses of
government there. 

Recently I checked wikipedia and the CIA factbook and it confirms it was
changed from Plymouth to Brades. In the tz database we don't have a big
problem from the fortunate timezone naming America/Montserrat instead of
America/Olveston. However, there are two comments that state it is
Olveston in the tz entry (see below). In the web I could only find an
old reference from 1996 talking about a government office in Olveston,
other references say Brades or Brades Estate.

# Montserrat
# From Paul Eggert (1997-08-31):
# Recent volcanic eruptions have forced evacuation of Plymouth, the
# Luckily, Olveston, the current de facto capital, has the same
Zone America/Montserrat	-4:08:52 -	LMT	1911 Jul 1 0:01   #
			-4:00	-	AST

Unfortunately that will mean we have to recalculate LMT since it is (as
would be expected) not very close to the turmoil of Plymouth. The last
page has a nice little map to show where Brades is located in the north
of Montserrat. As usual tz database prefers largest city, but I don't
know if that differs from Brades.

- Jesper

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