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Fri Feb 17 12:29:00 UTC 2006

At 2006-02-17T17:49:51+07:00, Robert Elz wrote:

> That's exactly what localtime() does isn't it?  All the code is
> available (and free to use) - just use it (either the learn from,

Yes, I know that that is what localtime(3) does, and I have been
reading `localtime.c'.  However, as I said in my OP, my knowledge of C
is rather meagre, so I wanted to check my understanding by asking on
the list.

> or simply to compile into your application).

Since I am working in Common Lisp, I want to rewrite the functionality
of localtime(3) directly in that language.

> The raw tzfile isn't used of course, it is converted (using zic)
> into a binary format - but if you needed to you could combine the
> roles of zic and localtime into one function.

By `tzfile', I meant precisely the binary files produced by `zic', and
documented in tzfile(5).  I am now able to unpack the binary files
correctly into Lisp objects.  Next, I should interpret the unpacked
data properly.

Thank you very much for your response.


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