Tzdata2006b.tar.gz, tz32code2006b.tar.gz, and tz64code2006b.tar.gz

Chris Walton-TM Chris.Walton at
Mon Feb 20 16:35:05 UTC 2006

The 2006b data looks the same as the 2006a data.  The only thing that changed was the version numbers.
I am still hoping to see an update to "America/Edmonton" reflecting the extra 4 weeks of Daylight Savings starting in 2007.
Rather than creating new entries for the "Edm" rules, it would probably be easier to start using the "Canada" rules... but I leave this up to the experts.

Hopefully this e-mail doesn't start another war over naming conventions.  I have intentionally left "Canada/Edmonton" out of the subject line.

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The files...
...are now available. The files...
...have been removed.

The 32-bit code is there for folks who may need it; with providence, there will be little or no need to update it. The 64-bit code reflects the changes circulated earlier on the time zone mailing list. Both the 32-bit code and the 64-bit code share the same data.

All SCCS IDs were bumped to "8.1" for this release.


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