Tzdata2006b.tar.gz, tz32code2006b.tar.gz, and tz64code2006b.tar.gz

Bennett Todd bet at
Mon Feb 20 17:30:21 UTC 2006

Is tz64code for 64-bit platforms only? Or should it work on 32-bit

On an ia32 Linux system, I get a failure (appended). tz32code seems
to work Ok.


+ tar xf tz64code2006b.tar.gz
+ tar xf tzdata2006b.tar.gz
+ make TOPDIR=/usr TZDIR=/usr/share/zoneinfo ETCDIR=/usr/sbin BINDIR=/usr/bin MANDIR=/usr/share/man CFLAGS=-Os -Dtzname=__tzname -Dtzset=__tzset ALL
sed \
	-e 's|AWK=[^}]*|AWK=nawk|g' \
	-e 's|TZDIR=[^}]*|TZDIR=/usr/share/zoneinfo|' \
	<tzselect.ksh >tzselect
chmod +x tzselect
cc -DTZDIR=\"/usr/share/zoneinfo\" -Os -Dtzname=__tzname -Dtzset=__tzset   -c -o zic.o zic.c
cc -DTZDIR=\"/usr/share/zoneinfo\" -Os -Dtzname=__tzname -Dtzset=__tzset   -c -o localtime.o localtime.c
localtime.c: In function `differ_by_repeat':
localtime.c:331: warning: integer overflow in expression
cc -DTZDIR=\"/usr/share/zoneinfo\" -Os -Dtzname=__tzname -Dtzset=__tzset   -c -o asctime.o asctime.c
cc -DTZDIR=\"/usr/share/zoneinfo\" -Os -Dtzname=__tzname -Dtzset=__tzset   -c -o scheck.o scheck.c
cc -DTZDIR=\"/usr/share/zoneinfo\" -Os -Dtzname=__tzname -Dtzset=__tzset   -c -o ialloc.o ialloc.c
cp yearistype
chmod +x yearistype
cc -DTZDIR=\"/usr/share/zoneinfo\" -Os -Dtzname=__tzname -Dtzset=__tzset  zic.o localtime.o asctime.o scheck.o ialloc.o  -o zic
cc -DTZDIR=\"/usr/share/zoneinfo\" -Os -Dtzname=__tzname -Dtzset=__tzset   -c -o zdump.o zdump.c
cc -DTZDIR=\"/usr/share/zoneinfo\" -Os -Dtzname=__tzname -Dtzset=__tzset  zdump.o localtime.o ialloc.o  -o zdump
cc -DTZDIR=\"/usr/share/zoneinfo\" -Os -Dtzname=__tzname -Dtzset=__tzset   -c -o difftime.o difftime.c
cc -DTZDIR=\"/usr/share/zoneinfo\" -Os -Dtzname=__tzname -Dtzset=__tzset   -c -o date.o date.c
cc -DTZDIR=\"/usr/share/zoneinfo\" -Os -Dtzname=__tzname -Dtzset=__tzset   -c -o logwtmp.o logwtmp.c
cc -DTZDIR=\"/usr/share/zoneinfo\" -Os -Dtzname=__tzname -Dtzset=__tzset   -c -o strftime.o strftime.c
ar r ,lib.a logwtmp.o
if [ -x /usr/ucb/ranlib -o -x /usr/bin/ranlib ] ; \
		then ranlib ,lib.a ; fi
cc -DTZDIR=\"/usr/share/zoneinfo\" -Os -Dtzname=__tzname -Dtzset=__tzset date.o localtime.o asctime.o strftime.o \
		 -lc ,lib.a -o date
rm -f ,lib.a
+ make TOPDIR=/var/tmp/bpmbuild.8216/root/usr TZDIR=/var/tmp/bpmbuild.8216/root/usr/share/zoneinfo ETCDIR=/var/tmp/bpmbuild.8216/root/usr/sbin BINDIR=/var/tmp/bpmbuild.8216/root/usr/bin MANDIR=/var/tmp/bpmbuild.8216/root/usr/share/man INSTALL
/zic  -y ./yearistype -d /var/tmp/bpmbuild.8216/root/usr/share/zoneinfo -L /dev/null africa antarctica asia australasia europe northamerica southamerica pacificnew etcetera factory backward systemv solar87 solar88 solar89
/zic: wild compilation-time specification of zic_t
make: *** [posix_only] Error 1
/usr/bin/bpmbuild: build failed
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