DOT issues final ruling on Indiana time zones

Deborah Goldsmith goldsmit at
Thu Jan 19 02:11:41 UTC 2006

You're right, that should have been "fall back from 2:00 AM EST to  
1:00 AM CST, then again from 2:00 AM CST to 1:00 AM CDT". Sorry about  

 From the final DOT ruling (posted earlier) it appears as though that  
is in fact the correct behavior, too, as odd as it is.


On Jan 18, 2006, at 5:38 PM, Paul Schauble wrote:

> Since this is in the spring, shouldn't that last change be from 2AM  
> CST to
> 3AM CDT?
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> assuming I'm interpreting everything correctly. The DOT doesn't  
> specify
> whether Starke county switch to Central Time at the appropriate  
> time for its
> old or new time zone, but I'm assuming the old here. That leads to it
> falling back from 2:00AM EST to 1:00AM CST, and then again from  
> 2:00AM CST
> to 1:00AM CST. If that makes people nervous, then the transition  
> would need
> to be at 3:00 AM.
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