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I have investigated the timezones around 1970 on the site, and here are the results. I am attaching a
GIF file of the map I have built based on this information. The red borders
are the modern-time administrative borders, while the green lines are the
timezone borders I have determined, note that some of them are partially
hidden behind the red lines.

There are no big surprises. Most timezones follow modern-day administrative
boundaries, with the exceptions being Xinjiang, Xizang (Tibet), Qinghai,
Gansu, Nei Mongol (Inner Mongolia) and Guangdong. There was an exception in
Heliongjiang region on GMT+8.5 where the northern-most county Mohe is on

A few other exceptions were two counties on the Sichuan side of the Xizang -
Sichuan border, counties Dege and Baiyu which lies on the Sichuan side and
are therefore supposed to be GMT+7, Xizang region being GMT+6, but Dege
county is GMT+8 according to while Baiyu county is GMT+6 (could be
true), for the moment I am assuming that those two counties are mistakes in
the data.

The biggest surprise was that region Guangdong were dived in 3 timezones, a
south/west part on GMT+6 (counties Xuwen, Haikang, Suixi, Lianjiang,
Zhanjiang, Wuchuan, Huazhou, Gaozhou, Maoming, Dianbai, Xinyi) a central
part on GMT+7 (counties Yangchun, Yangjiang, Taishan, Kaiping, Xinxing,
Luoding, Yu'nan, Yunfu, Taishan, Deqing and Enping) and a north/east part on
GMT+8 with the rest of the counties.

Zone Asia/Harbin on GMT+8.5: regions Heilongjiang (minus Mohe) and Jilin.

Zone Asia/Shanghai on GMT+8: regions east Nei Mongol, Liaoning, Hebei +
Beijing, Shanxi, Shandong, Henan, Jiangsu, Anhui, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Hubei,
Hunan, Jiangxi, Fujian, north/east Guangdong and Mohe county of

Zone Asia/Chongqing on GMT+7: regions west Nei Mongol, Ningxia, Shaanxi,
east Gansu, west Qinghai, Sichuan, Guizhou, Guangxi, Yunnan, Hainan island
and the central part of Guangdong province.

Zone Asia/Urumqi on GMT+6: regions east Xinjiang, west Gansu (counties
Dunhuang, Aksay, Anxi, Subei), west Qinghai, east Xizang (Tibet) and east

Zone Asia/Kashgar on GMT+5: regions west Xinjiang, west Xizang.

- Jesper

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