Time Zone Area Polygons

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Of all the files I did not look at this one. Please forgive and thank you
very much. Now if I only knew where the boundaries are.. O;-)


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The zone.tab file maps countries to zones. You can then traverse the links
to get a mapping back from all the zones to countries.

CLDR keeps such an updated mapping in

(Search for zoneFormatting. 001 is the UN M.49 code for "the world", and is
given to the Etc zones. Etc/Unknown is a CLDR addition that is used where
the zone is invalid or unknown.) 


On 6/30/06, srdjan krajnalic <ludiskr at yahoo.com> wrote: 

Well, first of all let me apologize for bringing this up again without being
able to offer any further help :-) This question is the reason I joined the
list but was somewhat less ambitious - can anyone help me get a hold of a 
list of countries that belong to each rule/zone definition? Some are simple
i.e. the rule name matches the country, but there are some like C-Eur where
an additional list is required to understand which countries are included in

the time zone.

Thank you very much for your help.

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