Possible corrections?

srdjan krajnalic ludiskr at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 2 13:04:54 UTC 2006

Hi Oscar,

I got that far and have all the files corrected using tab now (I'll check
them again when this issue is resolved). That was the easy part :-) 

In this case the problem is that the RULE NAME is "1:00" which is not
typical. Typically, names are something like GB-Eire or C-Eur. So my problem
is that I'm not sure what to do with what appears to be extra or invalid

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> From: "srdjan krajnalic"
> Can someone please explain this:
> Zone NAME  GMTOFF RULES FORMAT [UNTIL] Zone Europe/Dublin -0:25:00 - 
> LMT 1880 Aug  2
> -0:25:21 - DMT 1916 May 21 2:00
> -0:25:21 1:00 IST 1916 Oct  1 2:00s
> The last line has -0:25:21 min as the GMT offset - is it possible that 
> the rule name is "1:00" ?
> Lines 428-430 in the europe file.

The same type of problem you mentioned earlier.
The TZ database is not of pure database quality.
In most cases fields are separated by tabs, but sometimes a space or a space
run is the field separator.
It is not possible to import the TZ database into a simple database program
or a spreadsheet.
Each and every field should be manually checked and separated if necessary.
Or you will have to write an intelligent importer, parser or converter

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