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Ken Pizzini tz. at explicate.org
Mon Jul 3 20:12:48 UTC 2006

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> This will probably sound like a rather petty request and to be honest it
> is...but I was wondering what one could do to have a specific location
> added to the timezone listing?

An official entry?  Simple: have your politicians create some more
arbitrary complexity (politicians seem to enjoy such endeavors) by
giving your locality a new time zone observance anomaly, which will
necessitate a new tz entry in order to record your local time history.

>  I have only recently fully switched to
> linux as my only OS on my notebook and while installing (K)Ubuntu I
> noticed on the timezone selection that Kentucky/Monticello was available
> as a place.

Because Wayne County, currently following New York's rules, has had
a different history of time observation (until October of 2000 it
followed Chicago's rules), and Monticello is the most populous location
in Wayne County.

>  I live in Kentucky but in the Central timezone and thought
> it would be cool to have my city (Russell Springs) listed.

For a local hack that doesn't involve adding complexity to the
rest of the world, you could create a link on your own system(s).
I'm not certain about how KUbuntu lays out its directory structure,
but something like this should do it:
   zonedir=/usr/share/zoneinfo	#change path, if needed for your system
   ln -sf ../Chicago $zonedir/America/Kentucky/Russell_Springs
   ln -sf $zonedir/America/Kentucky/Russell_Springs /etc/localtime

		--Ken Pizzini

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