Paul Eggert eggert at CS.UCLA.EDU
Sun Jul 9 22:46:52 UTC 2006

"Chris Walton" <Chris.Walton at> writes:

> Zone America/Atikokan     -6:06:30 -       LMT     1884
>                           -6:00    Canada  C%sT    1970
>                           -5:00    -       EST

Thanks for the detailed info and proposed patch.  I'm inclined to take
it, except that a transition on 1970-01-01 from CST to EST seems
unlikely.  Given all the other information you sent, a more plausible
changeover time would be the spring 1973 transition.  Shanks &
Pottenger say that in 1973 Thunder Bay observed EST without DST (this
was for a one-year period), much as Atiokokan does now.  Possibly
Atikokan switched to plain EST at about the same time as Thunder Bay,
and then liked it so much that they never changed thereafter.  So if
we incorporate the older Shanks & Pottenger data, this would be more

Zone America/Atikokan   -6:06:28 -      LMT     1895
                        -6:00   Canada  C%sT    1940 Sep 29
                        -6:00   1:00    CDT     1942 Feb  9 2:00s
                        -6:00   Canada  C%sT    1973 Apr 29 2:00
                        -5:00   -       EST

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