atikokan daylight saving (or lack of it)

Chris Walton Chris.Walton at
Mon Jul 17 14:50:28 UTC 2006


Yes Atikokan could use America/Coral_Harbour.
As you pointed out Atikokan and Coral Harbour are separate locations;  they are in fact unrelated incontiguous areas separated by 1110 miles. 
I will let you decide what is best!  I don't mind which way we go with this as long as there is some sort of reference to Atikokan in the zonetab file.

If you decide to share the zone, keep in mind that Atikokan has a much bigger population than Coral Harbour; I am not sure what the implications of this are.  Would we have to rename the zone and create an entry in the "backward" file?


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Thanks for tracking this down.  If they've been doing it this way
since 1952, then they can use the America/Coral_Harbour entry, though
we'd need to update to make it clear that
America/Coral_Harbour stands for two separate locations.
(And we'd need commentary of course.)

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