Question about 'tzparse()'

David Lawless lawless at
Fri Jul 28 17:42:07 UTC 2006

Mr. Olson,

I'm wondering about line 920 in 'tzparse()' in 'localtime.c':

917    load_result = tzload(TZDEFRULES, sp, FALSE);
918    if (load_result != 0)
919       sp->leapcnt = 0;     /* so, we're off a little */
920    sp->timecnt = 0;
921    if (*name != '\0') {
922       if (*name == '<') {
923          dstname = ++name;

It appears to have the effect of inhibiting the application of 
DST per '/usr/local/etc/timezone/posixrules' when a TZ string 
such as TZ="EST+5EDT" is used.  If the line is removed DST is 

The effective default if 'posixrules' is not readable, per 
TZDEFRULESTRING, is TZ="EST+5EDT,M4.1.0,M10.5.0" which does lead 
to the application of DST.

Also RHEL 4.3 (CentOS 4.3) appears to apply DST when

Does 'tzparse()' behave in this manner by design?

Thank you for your efforts and contribution of the excellent. 
zone package.


David Lawless

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