Kirov on GMT+4?

Jesper Norgaard Welen jnorgard at
Sun May 14 02:12:26 UTC 2006

The Kirov timezone according to the tz database is GMT+3. As you will
remember in an earlier mail I could not find any mention of the timezone
directly in the page of the Kirovskaya oblast' in
however this page pointed to another page
that has sunrise and sunset times indicating that Kirov is on GMT+3.

Now I have found a page that points to this same page, but explicitly
defines Kirov as being on GMT+4:
>From main page selecting Kirovskaya obl.
you can see just below the link to the link that it
specifies explicitly GMT+4

The other links confirm what we think for other oblast's in the area:
Samarskaya oblast' on GMT+4:
Udmurtskaya oblast' on GMT+4:
Volgogradskaya oblast' on GMT+3:
Astrakhanskaya oblast' on GMT+3:
Saratovskaya oblast' on GMT+3:
Komi republic on GMT+3:

This page has a summary of time differences from Moscow time, and shows
Kirov as being on Moscow time, e.g. GMT+3:

As we know from an earlier email from Paul Eggert, Shanks & Pottenger (2003)
has Kirov on GMT+4.

I'm afraid Kirov is a difficult case. I have changed it myself in World Time
Explorer 4 times from between GMT+4 and GMT+3:
February 23, 2000   GMT+4 to GMT+3
January 21, 2001    GMT+3 to GMT+4
June 18, 2001       GMT+4 to GMT+3
October 2, 2002     GMT+3 to GMT+4
Each time I was convinced I had found a better source. So who are we to
believe? We have still not found any official russian page that gives the
GMT offset explicitly.

- Jesper

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