FW: Corrections to latitudes/longitudes in zone.tab

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Tue May 23 12:43:09 UTC 2006

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A very very minor point, but I've run across a few inaccurate
latitudes/longitudes in tz's zone.tab (2006g and earlier):

                           Corrected lat/long    zone.tab lat/long
America/Argentina/Tucuman: -0265000, -0651300    -0312400, -0641100
America/Inuvik:            +0682200, -1334400    +0682500, -1133000
America/Rainy_River:       +0484300, -0943400    +0484300, -0942900
America/Rankin_Inlet       +0624800, -0920500    +0624500, -0921000
America/Scoresbysund:      +0703000, -0215800    +0703000, -0221500

(Tucuman's latitude and longitude in zone.tab are those of

The corrected values come from playing with my Firefox extension
(http://www.stemhaus.com/firefox/foxclocks/) and Google Earth, and are
of course entirely subjective.

Andy McDonald

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