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Chuck Soper chucks2 at
Tue May 23 16:59:34 UTC 2006

At 11:40 AM -0700 5/22/06, Paul Eggert wrote:
>Chuck Soper <chucks2 at> writes:
>>  Right now the tz list is very focused and low volume.
>That's because Arthur filters out the spam.
>Mere exposure via Google wouldn't change that.
>What exposure might change is:
>    (1) Arthur might have more spam to filter, if more spammers notice
>    the list and send email to it.
>    (2) Spammers might send email to you directly after harvesting your
>    address, bypassing the tz list entirely.
>(1) is unimportant, since the mailing list address itself is already
>widely available.
>(2) is an issue, but it isn't that big a deal, I think.  The gmane
>archive shrouds email addresses in a silly security-through-obscurity
>mechanism that probably works well enough in practice.  I suppose it's
>a bit like tzarchive.gz in that respect.

I agree.

>I like having searchable archives, and I like having the contents of
>the email (not counting email addresses) being public.  If the tz list
>went underground its utility would be greatly reduced.

I didn't mean to suggest that the tz list should go underground. I 
just wanted it to stay the same. Because gmane site's has been 
archiving tz list since July 2004, I believe that my concerns are 
unfounded. Any change that might have occurred has already happened.

I like having searchable archives as well.

>People who want to send email anonymously to the list can do so
>indirectly by emailing it to me.

Thank you,

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