new ISO 3166-1 entries

Paul Eggert eggert at CS.UCLA.EDU
Thu May 25 06:41:43 UTC 2006

Chuck Soper <chucks2 at> writes:

> Does this mean that three new TZ zone descriptions should be added
> to and appropriate data files?

I suppose so.  We'll have more of a real problem with Montenegro,
assuming the split with Serbia goes through.

> Or, should Europe/London be used instead?

Since the clocks in question have all agreed since 1970, we can use
Link entries to link Europe/London to Europe/Jersey, Europe/Guernsey,
and Europe/Isle_of_Man.  This is what we already did for
Europe/Mariehamn and the Aaland Islands (linking it from
Europe/Helsinki), and is what we probably will do for Europe/Podgorica
and Montenegro (linking it from Europe/Belgrade).

Thanks for the heads-up.

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