One letter change in tz data

Jesper Norgaard Welen jnorgard at
Sun Oct 22 03:16:16 UTC 2006

There is news about the revival of DST in Cuba (after 3 years of
inactivity). An article in GRANMA INTERNACIONAL claims that Cuba will end
the 3 years of permanent DST next weekend, see
(note there are both spanish and english versions of this article).

A few quotes:

"AFTER three years of remaining on a summer daylight savings time schedule,
Cuba’s National Electrical Union decided to go back to its normal schedule
during this month of October. 

On Saturday night, October 28 going into Sunday, October 29, at 01:00 ,
watches should be set back one hour – going back to 00:00 hours – returning
to the normal schedule, which in Cuba is known as the winter schedule


In Cuba, because of electricity generation shortages, it was decided to
maintain the summer daylight savings schedule for three years; however, the
country is now in a position to produce all the energy it needs, which is
why it was decided to go back to the regular schedule."

We are in the lucky position to be able to change this with a single letter
change, from "7" to "6":

-Rule	Cuba	2007	max	-	Oct	lastSun	0:00s	0	S
+Rule	Cuba	2006	max	-	Oct	lastSun	0:00s	0	S


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