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Thanks to Oscar for the input. Chris Walton has obviously put a big effort
into the documentation site (page) you mention. However, my problem remains:
how big is for instance the Nipigon timezone? We know that the center of
Nipigon city must lie in the timezone, and the timezone must be equal to or
(most certainly) less than the Thunder Bay District that contains Nipigon

but this page is of little help:

so I made my own little map of the Nipigon timezone, as good a guess as any
I imagine, just painting an arbitrary circle around Nipigon city, from a map
fraction taken from . I'm attaching that in
the file which contains an image file Nipigon.jpg

Can anyone guess better than that? I certainly hope so, because I'm not very
happy with my guess, but I don't know how to improve it. Perhaps I could try
to pin-point bigger cities surrounding Nipigon, for which we can assume they
did not join the Nipigon timezone, and then make a border that goes midways
between these cities and Nipigon itself. That would be a bit more reasonable

If anyone can help me, I would really appreciate it.

- Jesper

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> From: Jesper Norgaard Welen
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> Subject: Strange historic timezone in Nigeria

> As a side-question, I'm trying to determine a meaningful area for the 
> timezones Atikokan and Nipigon, it seems to me that they would be 
> small, like a US county for instance, but I can't find anything about 
> it. It seems they must be within the larger areas Rainy River district 
> and Thunder Bay district, but how would it look on a map?

Chris Walton put a lot of effort in researching the Canada situation.
Very detailed!
And then there is of course the Matthews-Vincent 1998 article everybody
refers to. It is quite possible that there is simply no more detail
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