Default time zone for a location (previously Europe/London)

Ken Pizzini "tz." at
Mon Sep 4 22:58:09 UTC 2006

On Mon, Sep 04, 2006 at 10:12:54PM +0200, Srdjan Krajnalic wrote:
> Here is a related question/suggestion:
> For example, when blindly processing 
> Rule    Ghana   1936    1942    -       Sep      1      0:00    0:20    GHST
> Rule    Ghana   1936    1942    -       Dec     31      0:00    0       GMT
> # Zone  NAME            GMTOFF  RULES   FORMAT  [UNTIL]
> Zone    Africa/Accra    -0:00:52 -      LMT     1918
>                          0:00   Ghana   %s
> One is to apply LMT until 1918, then apply standard time zone offset until
> the first rule. However, one does not know what time zone name to apply for
> the given location, the best one can do is use GMT+/- based on the offset.

This is the same as Paul's other answer: from the end of LMT until the
beginning of the Ghana rule (1936) (and again after 1942), the "standard
time" (zero savings-time offet) part of the Ghana rule is to be used,
and thus the abbreviation, according to the current rules, would be
"GMT", and the GMT/UTC offset would be 0:00 .  And again, clarification
of this in the zic manpage appears to be needed...

		--Ken Pizzini

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