Default time zone for a location (previously Europe/London)

Srdjan Krajnalic ludiskr at
Tue Sep 5 16:47:46 UTC 2006

Hi Oscar,
> Example Korea:
> The last Rule lines:
> Rule    ROK    1987    1988    -    May    Sun>=8    0:00    1:00    D
> Rule    ROK    1987    1988    -    Oct    Sun>=8    0:00    0    S
> Some Zone lines:
> Zone    Asia/Seoul    8:27:52    -    LMT    1890
> ...
>             8:30    -    KST    1968 Oct
>             9:00    ROK    K%sT

I may be repeating what you said ado said :-), for the sake of clarity:

After the beginning (0:00) of Sun>=8 in Oct of 1988, you should perpetually
apply GMT+9:00 (defined in the zone line), the correct zone name starting
with Sun>=8 being KST (Korean STANDARD time). 

In some cases it's easy, in others manageable with some iteration through
the rules, and it might be more accurate than to rely on a default zone name
defined elsewhere, as proposed.

Thank you all again for your help,


May I piggy-back a question regarding persistence of some of the rules and a
greater picture of areas vs. locations?

For example, 

Zone    Africa/Algiers  0:12:12 -       LMT     1891 Mar 15 0:01
                        0:09:21 -       PMT     1911 Mar 11    # Paris Mean

Paris longitude is, according to one source, 002 E 20 and Algiers is 003 E
03. To a certain extent one is tempted to interpret PMT as LMT because it is
(?) based on politics and not time zone conventions, so the question is was
time in Annaba (some 10* East of Algiers) offset by 0:09:21 in 1900, or was
it LMT?

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