Proposed tz change for Egypt

Paul Eggert eggert at CS.UCLA.EDU
Wed Sep 13 21:12:29 UTC 2006

"Rodrigo Severo" <rodrigo at> writes:

> I believe this modification also fixes the difference between code and final
> comment for Egypt: the comment says transitions should be at 0:00 except for
> 1995 but the current code does otherwise.

Actually, the current code says "23:00s", which is 00:00 the next day.
It uses "23:00s" rather than "24:00" because older versions of the
tz package didn't support "24:00".

> Hammad, could you send us some info about the final, definitive alteration?

Yes, that would be helpful, especially exactly what time of day the
clocks are supposed to be moved back.

It won't be final until the crescent moon is sighted that day, alas.
But given the semi-official prediction, and the fact that the change
takes effect this weekend, I think we can change the tz database now;
if we're off by a day, we can change it later.

Here's a proposed patch.  I read my copy of the Egyptian Gazette from
<> but this looks like a fairly
temporary URL so I omitted it from the database.  Also, I'm assuming
this is a one-time thing since the first day of Ramadan doesn't
necessarily occur near the start of autumn.

Thanks for the heads-up, Hammad.

--- africa	2006/04/03 14:07:14	2006.3
+++ africa	2006/09/13 21:02:25	2006.3.0.1
@@ -211,7 +211,16 @@ Rule	Egypt	1990	1994	-	May	 1	1:00	1:00	
 # IATA (after 1990) says transitions are at 0:00.
 # Go with IATA starting in 1995, except correct 1995 entry from 09-30 to 09-29.
 Rule	Egypt	1995	max	-	Apr	lastFri	 0:00s	1:00	S
-Rule	Egypt	1995	max	-	Sep	lastThu	23:00s	0	-
+Rule	Egypt	1995	2005	-	Sep	lastThu	23:00s	0	-
+# From Hammad Hassan (2006-09-13), quoting The Egyptian Gazette (2006-09-10),
+# issue no. 41,083, page 1, column 1:
+# Egypt will switch back to the winter time on the eve of the first day of
+# the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, expected to start this year on Sept. 24....
+# "Clocks will be turned back starting from the night on which Darul Ifta ...
+# announces sighting the crescent of the month of Ramadan,..." Magdi Radi,
+# the Cabinet spokesman, said yesterday.
+Rule	Egypt	2006	only	-	Sep	24	 0:00	0	-
+Rule	Egypt	2007	max	-	Sep	lastThu	23:00s	0	-
 Zone	Africa/Cairo	2:05:00 -	LMT	1900 Oct

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