Time zone rules change

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It may not be midnight. Some Middle Eastern countries have the next day starting at sunset.





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Am I missing something obvious here? It seems to me that the article says that Ramadan presumably will start the 24.th. of September 2006, and on the eve of that day, they will switch back to winter time. The rule change should therefore be  Sep 25 0:00  or perhaps  Sep 24 23:00s  (which is the same). All this of course if we assume that the switch will happen at midnight as usual.



- Jesper

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	I have just tried to modify the africa file to represent the modification that will probably be necessary for Egypt as per Hammad's info (The Egyptian Gazette, 10th September):
	Clocks to turn back
	in Ramadan
	EGYPT will switch back to the winter
	time on the eve of the first day of the
	Muslim holy month of Ramadan, expected
	to start this year on September 24.
	   The beginning of Ramadan, during
	which Muslims abstain from food and 
	drinking from dawn to dusk, is determined
	by spotting the new moon.
	   "Clocks will be turned back starting
	from the night on which Darul Ifta (the
	authority passing Islamic edicts) announces
	sighting the crescent of the month of 
	Ramadan and the start of fasting," Magdi
	Radi, the Cabinet spokesman, said yester-
	--- tzdata2006k-original/africa 2006-08-21 10:55:51.000000000 -0300
	+++ tzdata2006k/africa  2006-09-13 08:39: 10.000000000 -0300
	@@ -211,7 +211,9 @@
	 # IATA (after 1990) says transitions are at 0:00.
	 # Go with IATA starting in 1995, except correct 1995 entry from 09-30 to 09-29.
	 Rule   Egypt   1995    max     -       Apr     lastFri  0:00s  1:00    S 
	-Rule   Egypt   1995    max     -       Sep     lastThu 23:00s  0       -
	+Rule   Egypt   1995    2005    -       Sep     lastThu 23:00s  0       -
	+Rule   Egypt   2006    only    -       Sep     24      0:00s   0       - 
	+Rule   Egypt   2007    max     -       Sep     lastThu 0:00s   0       -
	 # Zone NAME            GMTOFF  RULES   FORMAT  [UNTIL]
	 Zone   Africa/Cairo    2:05:00 -       LMT     1900 Oct
	I believe this modification also fixes the difference between code and final comment for Egypt: the comment says transitions should be at 0:00 except for 1995 but the current code does otherwise. 
	Hammad, could you send us some info about the final, definitive alteration? I ask this as per the info you sent, the 24th September isn't final yet.
	Rodrigo Severo

	On 9/13/06, Hammad Hassan-WHH011 <WHH011 at motorola.com> wrote: 



	Please find the attached file from the Egyptian Gazette newspapers on 10 of September 2006, 


	Could you please give me information on how to change the rules on my system?


	Thank you and Regards,

	Hassan Hammad



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	On 9/13/06, Olson, Arthur David (NIH/NCI) [E] <olsona at dc37a.nci.nih.gov> wrote:


	> Since the rules are changed lately by Egypt government, I need to change the

	> predefined rules in the time zone file,


	Could you send us the new rules? If you could also include some link

	to official information (or non-official) regarding this issue, it

	would also be included in tz's documentation.



	Best regards,


	Rodrigo Severo


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