Modifications in Uruguay time zone

Eduardo Cota cota at
Fri Sep 15 23:32:57 UTC 2006

According to a new decree, from now on, Daylight Saving Time in Uruguay 
will start the first sunday of october, at 2:00 local time, and will end 
the second sunday of march at 2:00 local time

That is, from the first sunday of october to the second sunday of march, 
Uruguay will be at UTC-2

You can see it (in spanish) at

I think the rules to add to the zoneinfo files would be the following 
(please correct as necessary)

Rule    Uruguay 2006    max    -       Oct    Sun>=1       2:00   1:00   S
Rule    Uruguay 2007    max    -       Mar    Sun>=8       2:00   0      -

 		Eduardo Cota.

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