tz data changes for Syria

Paul Eggert eggert at CS.UCLA.EDU
Thu Sep 21 05:38:16 UTC 2006

Jesper Norgaard Welen <jnorgard at> writes:

> Oscar has a point. If we take the dates from IATA literally (and I suppose
> we should), then DST started one day earlier in Syria this year, March 31 at
> 0:00, not April 01 at 0:00.

Thanks for mentioning that; I missed that connection.  I suppose they
could have started a day earlier this year after all, so that the
transition was Friday morning rather than Saturday.  On the other hand
my own impression is that the IATA data are often off by a day or by
an hour, presumably because the respondents get confused by all the
UTC offset business.  I suppose it's worth a comment at any rate, but
that can wait until the next proposed change.

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