2007 Year DST rules for Turkey

Amar Devegowda ADEVEGOW at in.ibm.com
Thu Apr 19 11:58:58 UTC 2007

Hi Paul,

This is Amar Devegowda from IBM India Software Labs. 

Recently I had informed you about the change in DST rules for Turkey, and 
you had provided the Time Tables with the modified rules accordingly. 
Thanks for the same.

I came to know that Turkey has changed again the time at which the DST 
starts and ends this year 2007 at a very late stage.    The DST now starts 
at 3:00AM on 25th March 2007 and ends at 04:00AM on 28th October 2007 as 
against  1:00AM on 25th March 2007 and 2:00AM on 28th October 2007 
respectively (as per the previous rules).

The latest rules are available at - 

I have some official information as well on this at the following 
1. http://www.ntvmsnbc.com/news/402029.asp

2. The following link  is the Turkish Official Newspaper's page:
Since there was no direct link to DST rules announcement, a Turkish person 
has provided the below attached document to show you how you can get 
access to the formal DST announcement in the above link.


Can you please update the time zone tables and also let me know when and 
which Time Zone Table would have the new Turkish DST rules ?

Thanks in advance. 


Amar Devegowda
Java L3 Support for Windows, 
Java Technology Center,
IBM India Software Labs,
Bangalore, India
Telephone 91-80-25094151
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