Is there a list of "current" time zones?

Eric Ulevik eulevik at
Tue Jul 10 01:56:21 UTC 2007

On 7/10/07, Tim Klein <tkpublic at> wrote:
> I'm helping to write an application that needs a menu for the user to
> choose what time zone they live in.  With ~400 time zones in the
> database, that'd be a pretty daunting pull-down menu.

You will find this menu in quite a few places. Generally people don't
have a problem identifying their geographical location - which is what
this list shows.

To simplify the menu, get the user to first choose a continent (eg.
"Australia" or "Europe") then a region from a smaller list.

You could also move the most common selections to the top of the list.


Eric Ulevik

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