Vietnam: Saigon is deprecated, should use capital Hanoi

Claus Färber GMANE at
Tue Jul 10 09:42:23 UTC 2007

Andy Lipscomb schrieb:
> As was largely hashed out over China, changing to Hanoi would in fact *not* be consistent--the standard is largest city, not necessarily capital. (For example, Australia, Canada, China, India, New Zealand, South Africa, and the USA do not have explicit listings for their capital cities.) I argued that Beijing should be in because of its significance in determining Chinese-calendar dates, but lost that one. As for what to call any given city, on that I have no opinion.

As the term city is ambiguous, the standard is ambiguous and 
inconsistent anyway.

If city is defined as municipality, the following are wrong:

   Europe/London should be Europe/Birmingham
   Asia/Tokyo should be Asia/Yokohama
   Australia/Sydney should be Australia/Blacktown
and probably dozens others. The largest "cities" often consist of 
multiple municipalities, which makes this definition insensible.

However, if city is defined as metropolitan area, the following are 
clearly wrong:

   Europe/Berlin should be Europe/Rhein-Rhur
   Europe/Rome should be Europe/Milan
   Asia/Calcutta should be Asia/Mumbai
   Asia/Karachi should be Asia/Lahor

IMO, the standard should be changed from "largest city" to "most 
important city". Importance would be primarily derived from the 
population count but with respect to factors such as legal status (city, 
capital) and views of the local population.


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