Localization of timezones from zone.tab

Vincent Untz vuntz at gnome.org
Tue Jul 10 17:23:50 UTC 2007


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I know that, at least in GNOME, there are now three places where we
parse zone.tab to get a list of timezones supported by the OS. I suppose
other projects are also doing this. This list is then presented to the
user to let him choose the timezone.

The problem here is that we let the user choose strings which look like
"Antarctica/South_Pole". This is not really good for
non-english-speaking people ;-)

Of course, we can add all the timezones to our list of strings to
translate, but this means all projects needing to do so will duplicate
this work and the translations.

I'd like the tz database to ship translations in po files. This would
imply the following:

 + create a small script to generate a POT file from zone.tab (easy)
 + submit the POT file to the translation project [1] (or any other
   place that helps with translation)
 + add the po files for translation to the tz database
 + choose a gettext domain

(Of course, I'm quite probably forgetting about a step :-))

I've seen that this topic has been discussed before [2], but the
proposition there was really more ambitious, so I'm hoping a simple
approach would be welcomed.

What do you think?


[1] http://translationproject.org/
[2] http://osdir.com/ml/time.tz/2004-09/msg00000.html


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