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Fri Jul 13 09:17:50 UTC 2007

Claus Färber said:
>> Not if it's London as in the Greater London Authority (or, historically,
>> the Greater London Council, the London County Council, etc.), as opposed
>> to the City of London which has been only a small part of the geography
>> and government of the greater city for centuries.
> The GLA is a super-city authority, covering multiple cities such as the 
> City of London, the City of Westminster, etc. Well, that just proves my 
> point that the term "city" introduces ambiguity.

The term "city" has at least three meanings within the UK:
(1) [the legal definition] A local authority area granted city status by
the crown. The LA may be a District, a Borough, or a Parish.

(2) [the pub lawyer's definition] A conurbation containing a cathedral.

(3) [colloquial] A large conurbation.

London is a city under the second and third definitions, and a local
authority area containing two cities under the first.

But so what? Every country has its own concept of what a "city" is and how
it differs from a town. The colloquial one is probably better *FOR THIS
PURPOSE* than either of the other two.

> It's simply inconsistent to treat Greater London as a "city", which is 
> made up of multiple municipalities like the City of London, Westminster, 
> etc.,

They aren't municipalities, they're boroughs. And Birmingham is equally
split up into wards.

So what?

> It's also inconsistent to treat Greater London as a "city" and not 
> Greater Milan (7 million), which would be substantially larger than 
> Rome or Greater Rome (2.5 or 3.3 million).

Does "Greater Milan" have a single governmental authority?

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