FW: London (GMT) notation self-conflicts

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That does make sense.  I will pass this on within my company. We do
indeed have a nomenclature issue in our application server software.

Many thanks,


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This newbie would like to take a stab at an answer.

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> Subject: London (GMT) notation self-conflicts
> Hello,
> My company's application servers use the Olson database as a time zone

> reference.  The following listings appear, which I believe are 
> so-named in the Olson database:
> London (Greenwich Mean Time)
> Belfast (Greenwich Mean Time)
> Dublin (Greenwich Mean Time)

I see London and Dublin, with Belfast a link to London.

I'm not aware of the full common names of time zones anywhere in the
database, just the abbreviations; so the string, "Greenwich Mean Time",
probably comes from the "company's application servers" that the author

> These notations are correct only in winter, when all three cities are
on GMT.


> But in Summer, these cities are GMT+1.

Which is why the summer-time abbreviations are BST and IST,
respectively.  Maybe the "company's application servers" aren't picking
that up.

Does that make sense?

--Bill Seymour

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