Iran's exact law for re-instating daylight saving (was Re: proposed tz changes for Brazil, Egypt, Iran, Gaza, Venezuela)

Roozbeh Pournader roozbeh at
Sun Nov 4 20:52:50 UTC 2007


I just found the text of the law for reinstating daylight saving in
Iran.This is quoted from Official Gazette of the Islamic Republic of
Iran, Volume 63, Number 18242, dated Tuesday 1386/6/24 [2007-10-16]. I
am doing the best translation I can:

The Law for Changing the Official Time of the Country

Single Article - The official time of the country will be moved forward
for one hour on the 24 hours of the first day of the month of Farvardin
and will be changed back to its previous state on the 24 hours of the
thirtieth day of Shahrivar.

The above law that includes a single article was passed in the public
session of the Islamic Consultative Assembly dated Wednesday, the
thirty-first of Mordad of one thousand and three hundred and eighty six
[2007-08-22] and was approved by the Guardian Council on the date of
1386/6/21 [2007-09-12].

  The Speaker of Islamic Consultative Assembly - Gholam Ali Haddad-Adel

In the Gazette, this follows two letters, one from Speaker Haddad-Adel
to President Ahmadinejad dated 2007-09-16 telling him about the approval
of the law by the parliament and the Guardian Council, and a second
letter from President Ahmadinejad to the Office of Vice Presidency for
Strategic Planning and Supervising, dated 2007-10-11, telling the office
to get implemented.


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