proposed changes to eliminate P macro

Ken Pizzini tz_ at
Wed Nov 14 00:36:34 UTC 2007

On Thu, Nov 08, 2007 at 09:26:29AM -0500, Arthur David Olson wrote:
> Here are proposed changes to eliminate the "P" macro from time zone source
> (a first step in simplifying the code by assuming C99 compilers).

A good start.  I'm continuing that process with the attached patch:
  * the main changes, comprising the bulk of this patch, is the addition
    of prototypes for functions which were _not_ handled by the "P" macro;
    this includes explicit (void) parameter lists where appropriate
  * use angle brackets <> instead of double-quotes for system #include-s,
    for the benefit of any compiler that handles those more efficiently
    (e.g., support of pre-compiled system headers)
  * removes some conditionals that were only needed to support pre-C89
    compilers (like "cc" on SunOS 4.x and older); this includes:
      . removal if isascii() definition and calls
      . removal of private strerror() definition
      . removal of "%02.2d"-style printf formats (favoring "%.2d" instead)
      . removal of (void*) casts on function-pointer comparisons
      . removal of "failsafe" declarations of symbols that C89 dictates
        must be defined in relevant headers; viz: EXIT_SUCCESS, EXIT_FAILURE,
  * some small tweaks for type-correctness:
      . removed a spurious cast from scheck.c
      . removed a spurious/erroneous cast from zic.c:doabbr()
        (might have been useful at one time, before function prototypes
	were used, but now ought to be a (size_t) instead of a (unsigned)
	if it is going to be an explilcit cast)
      . made "wp" in zic.c:newabbr() a "const", and added new "xp"
	variable to handle the case where "wp" was treated as non-const
	("wp" is assigned literal string values, so it should be "const")

Because the patch is rather large, I've decided to attach a gzipped
version instead of placing the patch in-line.

On the meta-level, regarding the goal of this code clean-up project:
I'd personally prefer to allow compilers that are C89 compliant
(provided that some sort of 64-bit integer is supported) to work
with this code, if possible, rather than requiring full C99 support.

		--Ken Pizzini
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