FW: Venezuela changes rescheduled for 9 December

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Subject: Venezuela changes rescheduled for 9 December


Apologies if you are receiving this information from several sources in IBM, but we are reacting to breaking news that the change for Venezuela originally expected  for 31 December has been brought forward to 9 December. 

The official announcement was published today in the "Gaceta Oficial de la Republica Bolivariana de Venezuela, número 38.819" (official document for all laws or resolution publication) but is not available online yet. 


Previously, the best information we had was that this time zone change will not happen until January 1, 2008.  as reflected in the Olson database  update  on 1-October-2007  (tzcode2007h). We had been proceeding based on the anticipated date, the evening of December 31st (ie effective jan 1).  We did find a Microsoft reference http://blogs.msdn.com/mthree/archive/2007/11/27/venezuela-tz-112707.aspx  and it appeared to suggest that the December 9th date was still subject to constitutional reform. 


Please let us know (we will watch the forum) if and when you are making an updated tzdata table update to implement the new date for Venezuela.   

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