DST extended to November in Syria

Steffen Thorsen straen at thorsen.priv.no
Tue Oct 2 09:49:13 UTC 2007

It seems that Syria was not leaving daylight saving time on 2007-10-01, 
since it is in the middle of the holy Ramadan month.

I have tried to find some info regarding the change, and found the 
following text in a newspaper (in Arabic):

I cannot find that the exact date is there, but 2007-11-01 could be a 
likely date.

Since 2008-10-01 also is in Ramadan (the last date of the month, 
probably), it is likely that also next year's end date is changed.

Google's automated translation of the mentioned URL says:

Government set to start with the beginning of winter time in November 
next unusually where the timing was unusual beginning with the month of 
October. The postponement of this year due to believe that the holy 
month of Ramadan and Eid, which ends with the middle of next month, so 
there is no irregularities in the fasting hours of magic and breakfast 
with changing times has been postponed to next month.

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