Timezone names

Paul Eggert eggert at CS.UCLA.EDU
Mon Oct 22 23:28:04 UTC 2007

"Gwillim Law" <RLAW at nc.rr.com> writes:

> Since the Saints are inhabited, it would be consistent with
> precedent if we added separate time zones for them.  They would
> probably be named America/Gustavia and America/Marigot,
> respectively.  Their time zones, of course, are the same as
> Guadeloupe's, and will probably remain the same for the foreseeable
> future.

Yes, thanks for the analysis.

For both locations it's unlikely the island will split time zones any
time soon, so the usual precedent for small islands is to use the
island name.  St Martin is a weird case, though, so we should probably
use the town name there (if only for political reasons).

So I'm inclined to add these entries to zone.tab:

BL     +1750-06250     America/St_Barthelemy
MF     +1804-06306     America/Marigot

and these to iso3166.tab:

BL     St Barthelemy
MF     St Martin (French part)

and these to northamerica:

# St Barthelemy
Link America/Guadeloupe        America/St_Barthelemy
# St Martin (French part)
Link America/Guadeloupe        America/Marigot

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