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I think we should include Saint Barthelemy in the tz database, probably in
the northamerica file. Currently I don see any mention of it, so the minimum
would be to include the island in an appropriate parenthesis for one of the
current timezones. The island has a population of 6,852 in the 1999
The other reason it should be included is that it has its own country code
BL, so it should be in the file.
However wikipedia and the CIA
claim that it uses DST, the first as usual without any detail, while the
latter gives the dates starting 20. March and 17. October (for 2007 only?).
I have tried to find information on the French-only homepage of the island,
but my French skills are definitely not up to the task - perhaps there is no
mention of DST in these pages anyhow.
The page claims that
there is no DST in use in Saint Barthélemy.
As usual I welcome any other information that anyone might have to shed
light on the possible application of DST on Saint Barthélemy.
- Jesper
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