London (GMT) notation self-conflicts

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Wed Oct 31 15:56:59 UTC 2007

My company's application servers use the Olson database as a time zone
The following listings appear, which I believe are so-named in the Olson
London (Greenwich Mean Time) 
Belfast (Greenwich Mean Time)
Dublin (Greenwich Mean Time)

These notations are correct only in winter, when all three cities are on
But in Summer, these cities are GMT+1.
This means that in summer, there is a conflict within the notation.

Note that this conflict does not arise for cities outside the United
Taking Paris (Central European Time) as an example, Paris time and
Central European Time are always the same, irrespective of the extra
hour of Daylight Savings offset from GMT in summer.

To fix this, "Greenwich Mean Time" should be removed from the notation
for London, Belfast and Dublin.
It  might be replaced by "United Kingdom Time," "British Isles Time" or
"British Time."
Does this conflicting notation indeed exist in the Olson database and,
if so, can it be fixed?
Thanks for your help,

Paul Bruin
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