daylight saving in Egypt

Steffen Thorsen straen at
Tue Sep 4 20:41:03 UTC 2007


The official information regarding the (expected) date change has been 

which says:
 > "Egypt will start its wintertime as of Friday, September 7," Cabinet
 > Spokesman Magdi Radi announced Wednesday 22/8/2007. This means that
 > Egyptians will set their clocks one hour backward.
 > Egypt operates Daylight-Saving Time between the last Friday in April
 > and the last Thursday in September when the clocks are a 3 hours 
ahead > of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
 > The date will change a little bit this year because of Ramadan, the
 > Holy Muslims fasting month due to start Thursday, September 13.

The current tzdata2007g.tar.gz does not have this, but Paul Eggert's 
latest patch has it - so it is probably time to make a new release by 

Best regards,
Steffen /

Jesper Norgaard Welen wrote:
> I don't have much update on the supposed early Egypt DST ending, but I found
> the following two web pages that agree with Dirk Losch and the airline he
> refers to (or rather doesn't refer to).
> One is which I had not seen before.
> The other is Steffen Thorsen's page
> perhaps Steffen can enlighten us on his sources for this information?
> Regards,
> - Jesper
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> Subject: daylight saving in Egypt
> Hello,
> I received a mail from an airline which says that the daylight saving
> time in
> Egypt will end in the night of 2007-09-06 to 2007-09-07.
> Can anyone confirm this?
> ... etc.

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